BALTASAR: ¡Dios vos salve, señor!; ¿sodes vos estrellero? Decidme la verdad, de vos saberlo quiero. GASPAR: ¿Vedes tal maravilla? Nacida es una estrella. MELCHOR: Nacido es el Criador, que de las gentes es señor. Auto de los Reyes Magos


In the absence of an official school of astrologers who set the professional fees, how much do you think it would be a fair price for a consultation, interpretation, or reading ? Suppose an average time in this productive sector of about two hours per consultation (including writing a brief report of a couple of pages), and 8 hours per day (about 4 astrological daily reports) should be sufficient to properly maintaining a professional who has needed several years of study and practice to exercise in a moderately acceptable manner.

A minimum two hours report containing a general interpretation of the natal chart (not limited to copy verbatim what the program or the book on "such a planet in that sign"), a study of the solar revolution chart for that year, and a look at the most significant in the near future transits, can be valued at 50 euros.

A consultation on horary astrology or election measures (eg which is the best date and time for an examination, a wedding  or start a business), which takes two hours, also 50 euros.

Couple issues require duplicate work, because the natal chart of the other interested should also be made, so we can get the synastry chart. A complete study of couples are 100 euros.

Financial issues also require a study of the country and / or enterprise concerned. In this case, the budget depends on how complex is the topic to research.

If the natal chart must rectify because we ignore the time of birth, and must be held based on known episodes in the life of the customer (which means in practice to study the biography of the client), which requires about 4 or 5 working hours, are 100 euros.

Send us an email with your inquiry and we will indicate the method of payment. We give the option to choose by who of us would you prefer to be attend. Our contacts are:

El estrelleroestrellero62@gmail.com


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